Hazell Wedding. 

Becky & Phil.  Penn & Hurley, Buckinghamshire UK


I was very honoured to be asked by Becky, an old school friend, to shoot her and her fiancee Phil's wedding.  They were so lucky with the weather as it was scorching that day!   I spent the morning at Becky's parents to capture her and her 4 gorgeous  bridesmaids and flowergirl getting ready.  The ceremony was at Penn Church in Buckinghamshire followed by the reception in Hurley.  It was a beautiful day and so much thought had gone into every detail.  The Old Barn in Hurley made the perfect dinner reception.  Thank you Phil and Becky for inviting me to capture your special day. Wedding photographer in buckinghamshire.  Wedding photographer in bucks.  

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Hazell 8.6.2013 (small)-0196
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Hazell 8.6.2013 (small)-0701
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Hazell 8.6.2013 (small)-0817
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Hazell 8.6.2013 (small)-1269
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Hazell 8.6.2013 (small)-2504
Hazell 8.6.2013 (small)-1006
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Hazell 8.6.2013 (small)-1006

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