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newborn & familyding photographer buckinghamshire, bucks, berkshire, berks, surrey, london

For the past 15 years, I have been fortunate to document many family journeys to capture their priceless memories.

I believe that all moments deserve to be cherished, and I love to be the one to freeze-frame those special milestones for you.  From meeting that special someone, getting engaged and married, the birth of a baby, early years with your little ones tottering and exploring, first and last days at school, bigger kids growing up and going off to university, even bigger kids coming home with their own children.  Whether you’re just starting your family or growing and expanding it, I would be honoured to capture these moments for you.  I also shoot events so can happily be there for the big parties and small gatherings, please see my events page for details. 


I offer a lifestyle approach to family portraits, which can take place at your home or a location of your choice. I like to get to know your family and I have fun playing with the kids to make sure everyone has a good time!  Nearly every client says after the shoot how surprised they were that it didn’t feel like they were having their photo taken. I like to treat sessions like a fun day out, where I just happen to be there with my camera to capture the giggles!

Please see my location page for suggestions of my favourites photography spots in the local area. 

Newborn.  At home newborn sessions are my speciality as I love to be able to offer parents the chance to capture those moments, without the hassle of having to leave the house.  It's near impossible to get everyone ready, get everything together and arrive anywhere on time without shedding some tears! I would much rather come to you and let you work to your own schedule with the baby, and any other siblings with their own needs (and near the snack cupboard!).  I feel it’s more intimate and everyone is more relaxed having the home comforts around them.  I will bring lighting and any props, blankets, wraps, heater etc.
As a fully trained newborn photographer, I have photographed hundreds of babies and have had 2 of my own so I am confident with little ones and will always handle your baby with care as their safety is my priority. 

Click here for information on prices and how to book.

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